How to get car insurance with a foreign ncb

When looking for car insurance with a foreign ncb do you sometimes find that companies don't give you the same discounts that they are given to other customers? Well fear no more, Adrian Flux insurance specialise in foreign drivers that wish to purchase reliable insurance at a fair price in the UK.

If you have recently moved to the UK, or returned from working abroad, you'll probably discover quite quickly that arranging car insurance at a reasonable price can be something of a big ordeal. A lot of insurers don't recognise foreign no claims bonus discounts. Or if you haven't been driving for 2 years, your no claims bonus might have expired. With over 35 years experience, you can be assured that Adrian Flux will offer you a price that you can afford. With adrianflux.co.uk you get:

  • Limited mileage policies - The less you drive, the cheaper your insurance will be
  • Agreed value available on classic, cherished and modified cars
  • Foreign no claims discount entitlements from all countries including America, France, Japan, South America and Asia.
  • Insurance for cars that are left hand drive
  • Up to 20% discount for purchasing your policy online
  • Personal injury cover up to £150,000
  • Option to add worldwide breakdown cover at a very reasonable cost

Getting a quote from Adrian Flux has never been so easy. You can call them on their free phone UK number on 0800 369 8590 or you can get an instant quote online by visiting adrianflux.co.uk.

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