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Do you know about car insurance groups and prices? If you do, it could help you save a fortune when you're purchasing car insurance.

Every car on the road is placed in an insurance group by insurers. There used to be 20 groups, but it was felt that this was too narrow and didn't give enough scope for the differences between all the cars on the road. It was decided to enlarge the number of insurance groups to 50.

Group 1 is the lowest category of insurance groups and cars that are placed in the lower groups are rewarded with the lowest prices for car insurance. Cars that are in the highest groups have to pay the most for car insurance.

There are a number of factors that determine what insurance group a car is placed in. One is the cost of repairing the car if it's involved in an accident. The cheaper it is to get spare parts for a car and to have the work carried out, the lower the insurance group it will be placed in.

The performance of the car is another important factor. Both the 0 - 60 mph and the top speed of the car are taken into account. The more powerful the car is, the higher the insurance group it will be placed in.

Safety features of the car are also important. Cars with the latest security technologies, such as trackers, alarms and immobilisers, are less risky to insure and will be placed in the lower insurance groups with the lowest prices.

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