Car Insurance Groups Drivers and your premium

Insurance companies use Car Insurance Groups Drivers as a factor in determining what premiuim to allocate a particular person. The car insurance group rates the cars in a range of 1-20. When purchasing a vechicle it is advisable to search the ABI database to find the insurance group for a car your interested in, or to find cars in a particular insurance group. This will help you in regard to the premium you have to pay.

A car's insurance group is based on how much the car is likely to cost insurers per claim. Cars in group one represent the lowest cost for insurers, while cars at the higher end of the scale represent the highest risk to insurers. The lower the insurance group a car is in, the lower your insurance premium is likely to be.

Car insurance group refers to the rating systems that insurance companies use to determine the premium that they would charge in relation to different cars. So through this system of car insurance grouping, cars with similar features will be grouped in the same category so as to determine the premium with relative ease.

However, it is important to note that while the car insurance group will be taken into consideration by insurance companies, when determining the premium of the policyholder, there are other considerations to be taken into account as well. Insurers will keep their own files of all your claims in the past and this can be unfavourable to you when you determine your car insurance premium.


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