Car Insurance Groups for young drivers - the ratings system

Attempting to obtain cheap car insurance can be an uphill battle for many young drivers. If you know how the insurance companies operate, the Car Insurance Groups for young drivers can help you to determine what type of car to buy, before you seek an insurance policy. This will help you to secure the lowest possible quote, for your first time behind the wheel.

Car insurance group refers to the rating systems that insurance companies use to determine the premium that they would charge in relation to different cars. Car insurance group rates the cars in a range of 1-20. So through this system of car insurance grouping, cars with similar features will be grouped in the same category so as to determine the premium with relative ease.

Car Insurance Group includes the repairing costs as a factor, when determining which group to place it in. It takes into consideration the security features installed in car, the cost of different parts, the time taken for repairing, the body type of the car and the performance of the car.

In relation to young drivers, the cars with low group ratings should be bought as it will mean lower premiums for the driver. Most of the family cars and sport cars come under higher categories, so these should be avoided. You can search the ABI database to find the insurance group for a car your interested in, or to find cars in a particular insurance group. This will help you to determine which car is best suited to you and your premium.

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