Where to get car insurance in London

There are a number of car insurance brokers throughout London selling policies at affordable prices. The following are some of the top places to get car insurance in London.

Andrews and Company

Andrews and Co has been working in car insurance brokerage since 1991. They provide a customer friendly and professional service. They have experienced staff to help simplify the insurance process and find the right policy for you. They are located on Camberwell Church Street in South London.

Lloyds TSB Insurance

Lloyds are located in the city of London and provide competitive car insurance policies that best suit your needs. They have an expert panel of insurers meaning that you will get the policy that suits your needs and budget. There is also a three year guarantee on approved claims repairs. Benefits include no claims discounts and courtesy car if required.

AXA Insurance

AXA are one of the largest insurers in the UK. Optional extras include £1 million driver injury cover. They also have a maximum no claims discount of 90% and a UK based call centre to deal with any queries you may have. They also have a simple and fast claims process.

Auto Trader Car Insurance centre

The popular magazine and website Auto Trader now sell car insurance in London. They offer a variety of insurance products and are committed to finding customers the best deals available. Products include comprehensive and commercial policies for young drivers, new drivers and female drivers. They are cost effective and time saving and are located on Hartfield Road in Wimbledon.

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