Looking for the best car insurance for NHS staff?

With such a wide range of choice available today for car insurance in the United Kingdom, finding the best insurance company for your needs can require quite a lengthy search. If you work for the National Health Service however, you can narrow things down considerably by looking specifically for companies who offer special deals on car insurance for NHS staff.

There are quite a few companies who operate schemes seeking to reward the hard work of National Health Service workers the length and breadth of the country, and the savings you make could be substantial depending on your personal circumstances, so why pay more?

We've conducted a thorough search of all the major insurance companies in the United Kingdom in a bid to make finding the right company for your needs a lot more straightforward. Below you'll find some information on the companies who offer deals for NHS workers.

GEM Motoring Assist, www.motoringassist.com, offer a wide selection of insurance policies for drivers of all age and experience levels. Their coverage includes Good Motoring, a free quarterly magazine, a free management service for accidents and a year's free key care insurance. For NHS staff, they offer cashback of up to £10 for those who purchase their insurance online. You can check out their website for information to determine your eligibility, as well as how to get a quote.

If you have a privately owned van, eVan Insurance, www.evaninsurance.co.uk, offer van coverage at competitive rates with options for easy monthly payment and multiple vans or drivers on a single insurance policy. They currently offer cashback of up to £20 on regular policies for NHS staff.

ES Insure, www.esinsure.co.uk, are founded by John Tansley, a former Armed Forces member who also spent time working in the Emergency Services, so you can be sure that they'll hunt down the very best car insurance packages available for NHS staff.

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