Where to find the best car insurance in Northern Ireland!

There are a number of options available to you if you are looking for car insurance in Northern Ireland.  You can of course go direct to the major insurance companies available such as AXA and Quinn Direct but we have found you the best insurance comparison sites that can offer retrieve competitive prices to increase your options.

A great place to start your quest to secure the lowest car insurance premium possible is www.compareni.com.  This website strictly compares companies that cater to Northern Ireland customers and exclude the rest of the UK.  On their website you simply fill out a form with all your details and these will be used to retrieve quotes from as many as 30 different insurance companies.

You will then be able to view the list of quotes available to you from cheapest to most expensive and you can review exactly what each quote includes to see if it is suitable for you.  These quotes are retrieved from both insurance companies and various brokers so you will get a wide range of prices for similar plans.

Another great place to check is a relatively new broker based in Belfast called Oakland Insurance.  Established in 1999, Oakland have added some much needed competitiveness to the Northern Ireland insurance market.  They offer many benefits on top of great prices.  These include free local breakdown assistance, 24 hour claims report line and free legal cover.  Visit www.oaklandinsurance.co.uk to get a quick online quote today or alternatively call them to get a quote over the phone at 028 2827 9621.

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