In need of car insurance numbers to ring and compare quotes?

We have gone to the trouble of rounding up all the car insurance numbers you need to ensure that you find an insurance plan that will suit you.  Some of these companies you will already have heard of while some of them will not be familiar.  Just make sure to ring around and get yourself a bargain quote.

You need to be firm and unwavering when dealing with car insurance agents on the phone.  Have a price that you are willing to pay in mind and work your hardest to achieve it.  Don't be afraid to tell the agent that another company is offering you a certain price and ask them can they beat it.  The worst that can happen is that they'll tell you they are sorry and then they will tell you their bottom price.

Aviva have are one of the most competitive companies in the car insurance sector.  They claim on their website that 10% of their customers are getting their car insurance for only £194 per year.  They automatically offer a 10% discount if you buy your insurance from them directly rather than through a broker.  They also offer a 20% online discount if you buy online through their website.  To call Aviva in the UK and get a quote their number is 0800 015 4715.

Now for 3 other car insurance numbers to call for quotes.  Admiral offer cheap car insurance also so for a quote today call 0844 543 4416.  They offer big discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with them.  Tesco also offer insurance at great prices so for a quote with them call 0845 246 2895.  Another company to check out is AXA and you can get a quote over the phone by calling 0844 209 7000.

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