We look for car insurance for young people with extra benefits

The car insurance industry has a horrible reputation among many people, especially when it comes to their treatment of younger drivers. While they can quite easily defend themselves from criticism that they are pricing many young drivers out of the market by pointing at the statistics that clearly show younger drivers as the biggest risks on the road, there are many people who simply refuse to accept that nothing can be done about the premiums on offer.

It's an understandable point of view, especially when held by parents or young drivers who are struggling to find the money to get themselves on the road. After all, if you don't have driving experience how are you expected to increase your driving experience while decreasing your risk to potential insurers? It really is a catch twenty two situation, but it's heartening to learn that there actually are some insurers out there who are trying to offer car insurance for young people with extra benefits thrown in that can make things feel a little more affordable.

While these extra benefits aren't necessarily free of charge, they are offered at such a reasonable fee that they do an awful lot to get rid of the bad taste left from receiving such unexpectedly high quotes.

The best example of a company who are trying their best to persuade younger drivers to take out a policy with them by offering reasonably priced extras are Quinn Direct. For years now, Quinn has had a reputation for being one of the best insurers for young drivers, and they've done absolutely no harm to this reputation in recent years thanks to their excellent offers including windscreen cover which doesn't affect your no-claims bonus, and Legal Cover of up to £50,000 which will help you in the event of legal costs being accrued. On top of this, you'll have full access to their twenty four hour legal helpline for any legal matters under EU law.

This comes on top of the car audio cover and key loss cover offered by the company, as well as free twenty four hour breakdown coverage and the option to pay your insurance in installments via Direct Debit.

At long last someone has sat up and listened to the anguished cries of the British youth - we can only hope that more companies follow suit.

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