Where's the best place to find car insurance for police officers?

Few will argue that the police force don't a fine job, even if there are some occasional media reports to the contrary, it's a generally appreciated fact that without the dedicated servants of the community our lives would be much worse off than they are right now.

If you're a member of the police force in the United Kingdom, you may have heard about some of the schemes available to help you save money on various products and services. These schemes are often run by former police officers, or people who have close ties with the police force in the UK, and as such they understand the needs of police staff of all ranks and experience levels.

Perhaps the number one resource available to police officers in the United Kingdom is Police Mutual, a group founded to offer both financial and welfare support to police officers throughout the country. Founded in 1922, it has grown to the point of having more than 220,000 customers holding policies with them, including not only active officers, but retired ones too, plus their family members.

They can offer you great advice on a number of topics, and as they are run and owned by current and former members of the police force, they've got lots of experience in dealing with almost anything that arises for you or your family.

As well as advice and help, Police Mutual also have a wide range of services available including mortgage protection, home insurance, life insurance and car insurance for police officers.

With their car insurance program, they offer many benefits including a lifetime guarantee on all repairs carried out by approved mechanics, a flexible interest free pay monthly option for premiums, a dedicated 24-hour claims line, the use of a courtesy car should yours require repair, coverage for any emergency hotel accommodation needed in lieu of a breakdown and much more.

For a quote, you can call them on 0800 032 2610 today.

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