How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It is never too late to compare car insurance quotes, especially if you are looking for lower premiums and more flexibility. Depending on how many no claims you have, you could enjoy up to 45% discounts with some companies.

The easiest, and most modern, way to compare car insurance quotes is by using an online comparison service such as MoneySupermarket.com. Simply fill in all your personal details, such as age, length of driving experience, no claims and the type of car you drive. This information is then used to collect a variety of different car insurance quotes that may suit your needs. Once you have a list of suitable quotes, you can make an informed decision.

There should be a considerable difference in the price of the most-expensive and the cheapest quote. However, it is important you consider all the different extras available with each policy. For example, a cheap policy may have a low premium but it may not include windscreen damage or it may not be fully comprehensive. Some of the more expensive car insurance brokers offer so many months free breakdown cover. This means you have one less expense relating to your car.

Confused.com is another comparison site, which will take all the leg work out of looking for reasonably priced car insurance quotes. According to the company website, over 55% of people save at least £200 when looking for car insurance through their site. A staggering 10% of people save as much as £718 on their car insurance.

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