What are car insurance ratings?

Car insurance ratings are decided by a independent financial research companies. The results of these surveys can vary depending on where you are accessing the information, which is why you should check that the ratings have been issued by a reputable research company. One of the biggest and best research companies in the UK is called DeFaqTo, and they specialise in rating car insurance to give the average person an idea of how a policy really is. Their star rating system reflects the level of cover and benefits any given insurance has.

Research companies award car insurance ratings against 45 different criteria before deciding to attribute the star rating. Amongst the criteria and benefits are new car replacement. An insurance company will earn a star if they offer customers a new car in the event that their is stolen or written off in an accident. This is usually subject to a number of strict restrictions, usually the customer's former car has to be no older than 12-months and the cost of repairing a broken vehicle has to be at or above the cost of a replacement - if the old car can be fixed at all. An enhanced courtesy car will also win the insurance company prizes. This is when a larger, more exclusive car is made available to the customer as most insurance courtesy cars are small hatchbacks.

Car rescue cover is another part of an insurance policy that can affect car insurance ratings. This is when the insurance company pay for an individual's car to be removed from the scene of an accident when the car has been too damaged to drive away from the scene. Accident transport is usually part of the car rescue but figures separately on the car insurance ratings. This is where the driver and other passengers are taken to a destination of their choice.



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