Car insurance from Tesco - all you need to know

Tesco are one of the biggest retailers in the UK and they now provide car insurance. The following is some useful information on car insurance from Tesco.

Tesco Car InsuranceTesco provide cheap car insurance with a number of benefits and extras. The offer a range of different car insurance products and are committed to providing customers with affordable and high quality cover. Typical policy benefits include a courtesy car if needed and 24 hour accident helpline. UK cover is also extended to the EU. They also have a value insurance option allowing you to choose low cost, no frills cover.

What is covered?

Tesco comprehensive car insurance includes a choice of voluntary excess, personal accident cover and cover for fire and theft. Policies also cover personal possessions left in your car including fixed Sat Nav equipment, stereo and DVD player. Extras include break down cover and legal guard cover. Legal guard provides cover for you or your passengers to claim for compensation for personal injury.

QuotesTesco provide instant, online quotes through their website www.tescobank.com. You simply need to fill in your personal details and the details of the car and a quote will be automatically provided. Quotes depend on a number of factors including your personal details and the level of cover you require, but are often cheaper than other insurers.   Online discounts and offers are available,Tesco Clubcard holders are eligible for a discount of 15% on premiums which could mean a saving of up to £425 on some policies. There are also online discounts of 10% available. Other offers for customers include a free MOT and free 18 point Tesco Service at Halfords Autocentre.

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