Find car insurance with a cheap deposit in minutes

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There are many ways of cutting down on your car insurance bills. Many of them are common sense, but you would be amazed at the amount you can save by following them. Car insurance with a cheap deposit has never been easier to find and here's how to do it.

The golden rule for finding car insurance with a cheap deposit is to shop around around. Car insurance providers have mushroomed in the last 10 years and with so much competition in the market, the deals being offered to attract customers just keep getting better and better.

Insurance comparison websites are fantastic for quickly comparing car insurance policies and prices from many insurance companies in a couple of minutes. Some of the bigger sites, like Money Supermarket and Compare the Market, search over 70 per cent of insurers in the UK - so the chances of finding a terrific deal are substantial.

The type of car you're trying to get insured in will also have a huge influence on how much you pay for car insurance. Check out the insurance groups that insurance companies place cars in before you look for a quote. There are 50 different groups with the safest and least expensive cars to repair making up group 1.

You might find it becoming a lot easier to find car insurance with a cheap deposit if you stick to cars in the lower groups.

And be sure to check out any deals or discounts insurance companies might be running, like family and multiple vehicle discounts.

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