Find the cheapest car insurenc in the UK here!

If you are currently looking for car insurenc in the UK that is cheap and affordable but gives you quality cover you should check out onecalldirect.co.uk. For over ten years, Onecall Direct has been providing quality car insurance to UK drivers so you can be assured that you are in safe hands. Onecall Direct want to find you the best car insurance at the lowest price without compromising on the amount of cover they offer you.

With all Onecall Direct car insurance policies you will receive free breakdown cover for a year. This could potentially save you hundreds of pounds in roadside assistance and towing fees. You also get home start assistance free of charge and have the option of adding additional cars for just £29 each.

They also have a 3 year price guarantee. This means that as long as your circumstances don't change, your insurance will not rise for at least 3 years regardless of insurance rate increases, tax increases and general inflation.

With a Onecall Direct car insurance policy you also get the following great benefits:

  • Up to 80% no claims bonus discount
  • Named driver bonus builder
  • Flexible deposit option
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Up to £50,000 legal cover
  • Up to 90 days full EU cover
  • Audio and sat nav cover
  • Loss of keys cover
  • UK call centre
  • 20% off your home insurance

Getting a quote from Onecall Direct is simple. You can call their UK call centre on 01302 554 012 or you can get an instant quote on their website at onecalldirect.co.uk.

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