Which car insurers comparison websites are best?

Car insurers comparison websites are big business these days. You can barely sit back and enjoy TV for a few hours without seeing several of them advertised, all telling you that they've got the most accurate and up to date offers available on the web, but how can you be sure which ones are providing you with the most up to date information and which ones are simply regurgitating out of date stats and figures?

Well, unfortunately, there's no real way to tell without getting your hands dirty and jumping right in. If you're in the market for new insurance, then you really should be finding multiple quotes each year when it comes time to renew. Not only does it ensure that you get the best price, but it also keeps the market competitive; rather than assuming all their customers are going to renew with no questions asked it means that insurance companies are forced to continually revise and update their policies and schemes so that they offer competitive deals when compared to the other insurance companies operating in the market.

Acting something like online insurance brokers, car insurers comparison websites allow you to specify the type of cover you are after, as well as information such as your type of license, driving experience, no claims status and much more before searching their insurance company database for the cheapest deals on offer for your circumstances.

The general nature of these sites means that quotes won't necessarily be 100% accurate all of the time, but they do offer an excellent indicator of the rough ballpark figures you can expect.

Unsurprisingly the most visible website are also the most reliable, with www.confused.com, www.comparethemarket.com and www.gocompare.com offering the best resources available to prospective insurance buyers.

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