Car leasing options for Dublin

Most people would feel comfortable hiring a car using the well known players in the field, like Argus, Eurocar and Hertz. However this could prove a very costly exercise for leasing cars over a longer period. Fear not though, as we take a look at a few of the most reliable and well known players for long term car leasing in Dublin.

First thing's first, leasing a car in a long term contract means that you pay a monthly fee to the leasing company for a fully serviced car. The asset remains with the leasing company so they are in charge of all maintenance and responsible for depreciation values. This is why many companies choose to have a fleet of lease cars for company vehicles.

Gowan Motors have three offices around Dublin and are perhaps the best known car leasing company in Dublin. Offering a massive range of cars including Peugot, Honda and Kia they guarantee a vehicle at all times for you when you are part of these leasing scheme. Their main offices are on the Navan road and you can contact them on 01 868 9000

Premier Motor Group offer competitive prices and rates that has seen them make significant gains in the leasing market. They should certainly be on any discerning customers checklist when researching car leasing in Dublin. Premier Motor Group are based in Ballmount and customers can contact them on 01 456 8000.

Atlas Car leasing have locations all around the country and while they are traditionally a short term hire company, they also offer excellent deals on a wider range of cars than other companies. With a convenient Dublin city centre location this may prove to be a popular option. Contact them on 01 844 1982.

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