We check out the price of car leasing a Honda CRV for personal use

Given the fact that the British economy is still struggling to overcome the effects of the global recession from a couple of years back, it's not surprising that more and more people are starting to lease their cars rather than buying them outright. While there are people who claim that this is ultimately a waste of money, since the overall cost of the lease over the term of the contract can often cost more than the price of the car itself, they seem to forget that when you are leasing your repayments are broken down into manageable monthly amounts, making it much easier to pay on time and without putting yourself under intense financial pressure.

We decided to take a look online for the cost of car leasing a Honda CRV for personal use, since it is one of the most popular family cars in its class. In order to conduct our search, we used the excellent contracthireandleasing.com, a website that searches all the major UK based car contract leasing companies in order to provide you with the most accurate and up to date list of prices and availability on the market today.

The very best deal available came from uchoosecontracts.co.uk, a who offer the Honda CRV 2.0 petrol estate in manual for just £285.94 per month (plus VAT) and the CRV 2.2 diesel in manual for £350.46 per month (plus VAT).

The closest competition came from Blue Chilli Car Contracts, who offer the petrol model for £317.00 per month with an initial payment of £1907.94. For more information check out bluechillicars.com today.

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