Where to find a car loan company to compare

Taking out a car loan can be a daunting task. With all the small print and technical jargon it can also be confusing. A car loan compare site can help you to decide by selecting companies that suit your needs and breaking it down into pro's and cons. This way you are able to make an educated decision and fully understand what you will be agreeing to. One such website that does just that is moneysupermarket.com, read on to find the top results and more ideas for a car loan compare.

When you do a car loan compare through moneysupermarket.com the best result comes from Alliance & Leicester's. For a personal loan of £10,000 over five years, the APR and Headline rate (which is the rate of tax and/or inflation) is a low 6.3%. This gives a repayment plan of £193.91 per month, resulting in the final cost being £11,635. This is a credit charge of £1635 after the five years. Take a look at the compare website or contact your local Alliance & Leicester branch for more details.

For those who are looking for a smaller loan and over a shorter period of time, the car loan compare results state that the Sainsburys shopper personal loan is the best option. If for example you are looking to take out £5000 over a two year period the total repayments would only cost an extra £407. The headline rate is a little higher than above, at 7.9% as well as the monthly repayments that work out at £225.29 per month. But the customer can apply for a two month break payment at the beginning of their loan term. Check out sainsburysfinance.co.uk for more information.

Comparethemarket.com is another website that can compare different car loans on the market. For car owners who are looking for a larger loan but for a smaller length of time, then Nationwide bank may be right for you. Their new customer personal loan for £7500 over three years for example, has an APR of just 6.4%. This results in a monthly repayment of £228.91 and a total repayment charge of £8240.76. Take a look at this comparison site or go directly to nationwide.co.uk for information on their terms and conditions.

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