Who are Car Loan For You?

Car Loan For You allow individuals to apply for car finance through them by either applying online through their website, or by calling their customer care helpline. Car Loan For You specialise in finding loans for people with bad credit, the only thing they do turn away is if a person is about to made bankrupt or someone who has suffered a bankruptcy in the previous seven years. They have a large amount of deals available to them meaning there is usually something to suit everyone, regardless of their budget or credit history.

Car Loan For You pride themselves on the fact they are one of only a handful of car finance companies who do not charge their customers a membership or administration fees. Any money they do receive is from the lender the person takes the loan out with, which is much like a commission to thank Car Loan For You for their business. Any income is accepted, regardless of whether a person is employed full-time, part-time, self-employed or unemployed and living on benefits. If you have had other car finance companies turn you down, it is always worth trying to apply for a loan through Car Loan for you. The company take advantage of their relationships with different finance companies to get their customers better deals. This means, Car Loans for you may have access to loan companies that other loan brokers do not.

Car Loan For You can help everyone, so if your put off because you have a good credit history and believe you will be charged bad credit interest rates, this is not the case. Car Loans For You take all your personal and financial information and find you the best available loan that suits your needs.

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