Looking to pay your car tax online? We take a look at how to do it

These days the internet is becoming an increasingly important part of day to day life, which means it's being utilised by more and more people for tasks that were normally conducted in person or over the phone. For many, it's a great way to save time, but it can be confusing for those not used to using the web. Today we're going to take a look at how you can pay your car tax online.

If you've ever gone through the process of paying your car tax in person or over the phone, you'll no doubt be aware of just how long a procedure it can be. Whether you're waiting in a physical queue or in a phone queue, it can be soul destroying stuff. Fortunately, the government has provided us with an alternative - paying car tax online.

In order to tax your car online, you need to first ensure that you are eligible for the service. This means that you need to be the registered keeper of the vehicle, and that all your personal and contact information is up to date on the system.

You also need to have either a Vehicle Registration Certificate, or a Vehicle Licence Application / Statutory Off Road Notification. The latter is necessary if your vehicle has been off the road, and hasn't been taxed within that time frame.

On top of this, it's essential that you have valid motor insurance, which is in effect the same day your motor tax is due to activate. Without insurance, you won't be able to tax your car. Similarly, if your vehicle needs a MOT or PSV test, your results need to cover it up to the date the tax is issued. This prevents road unworthy vehicles being eligible for tax.

So, if you have everything in order and would like to apply for your car tax online, all you need to do is head on over to taxdisc.direct.gov.uk where you can fill in all the appropriate information before entering your payment details (there's a £2.50 charge for credit card payments, but debit card payments cost no extra).

Once that's done, you simply need to wait for your tax disc to arrive in the post and you're good to go!

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