The best caravan insurance in the republic of ireland is available here!

If you own a caravan it is recommended that you purchase caravan insurance in the Republic of Ireland. Ireland is a wonderful, scenic country and there are many people who choose to take a caravan and tour this little island for their summer holidays.


Aviva.com offer competitive car insurance for all their Irish customers. They can cover it under a Home-Plus policy or your house policy if you've got building or contents cover with them. The policy will cover you for loss of or damage to the caravan or fixtures, fittings, furnishings and utensils while they're in the caravan. Be aware, you are only covered if the caravan is not attached to your car!

You are automatically covered in the UK, Ireland, Channel Isles, Isle of Man and many other European countries. To insure your caravan you will need to provide the following information:

  • Make of the caravan
  • Model of the caravan
  • Year of manufacture
  • Value of caravan
  • Value of any additional equipment

To insure your caravan it will cost you at least 3% of the amount of cover you want. There is a minimum of £4,000 cover. Any clothes and personal items will need to be covered separately in the personal belongings section of your home contents policy.

As with all insurance policies, there is an excess of €100 on every claim. This means that you must pay the first €100 of any claim, regardless of the circumstances.

If you would like to obtain a quote, you should call into your local Aviva office or visit them at aviva.com

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