Getting the best possible price on cars insurance in Ireland

Looking for a great deal on your cars insurance in Ireland? If so, then have you checked out the great offers currently out there from Aviva Car Insurance at aviva.ie? Aviva are one of Ireland's biggest car insurance providers, and they are doing some unbelievable offers right now, so let's take a look!

Aviva insure thousands of Irish motorists, and they claim that they can save the average motorist a whopping 310 Euro per year on their current premium. Sound like something you might be interested in? They are also offering a whopping instant 10% discount when you buy your car insurance premium directly from them online.

Aviva are also aware of the financial straight jacket that a lot of Irish people are operating under at the moment, so they will let you spread your annual premium over ten months. You can pay the initial deposit by credit or laser card, then the remainder comes out in monthly direct debits. There is a service charge of 7% if you take this option though.

Every policy from Aviva contains a number of brilliant perks. You'll get up to 20% off for all Irish licence holders with no penalty points. There's also a 10% discount for licence holders who only have two penalty points. There's 24 hour Breakdown Rescue Service as standard, they have an express claims service that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and there's even a complementary courtesy car for seven days (10 days if your car is written off).

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