Our guide to bringing your car insurance premium down

Wondering how you can get your pesky cars insurance premium down to a more manageable level? When it comes to renewal time, there are plenty of little steps you can take yo get your premium lower. In this blog we'll be sharing some of our knowledge with you.

Our first tip may seem slightly obvious, but laziness prevents a lot of people from doing. we recommend you shop around to find the best possible quote, using Insurance comparison sites like www.comprethemarket.com to help guide you.

Go cheap and go small! The smaller the engine on your car, and the less the car is worth, the less you will pay to insure it. So while a prestige car may look nice, you'll be paying through the nose for the privilege of owning it!

Pass your test again - Taking one of the many "Plus Pass" courses around the UK will lead to a big drop in your premium as insurers know you are a safe driver, having passed this harder test.

Check out the excess - If you're willing to pay a higher excess (Cover an agreed amount of every claim yourself) then your premium will drop significantly. A figure like £500 for the excess will see your premium slashed, well worth looking into.

Our final tip is to make sure you have an alarm and immobiliser fitted to the car. Let these two gadgets do the hard work of protecting your car, and you'll see your premium come WAY down on what you're being quoted.

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