Find the best cars insurance for 17 year olds

Young drivers certainly don't have it easy. Not only do they have a reputation for being careless and inconsiderate, but the major insurance companies see them as a huge risk, something that is illustrated by the astronomical insurance premiums they face when trying to get started on the road.

The mistake that many young drivers make is buying an expensive or hugely powerful car as their first vehicle. It may look great, and they might make their friends jealous, but the additional cost to their insurance makes such a lavish investment questionable at best.

The same goes for modified cars. While there are plenty of young drivers out there who do actually buy a reasonably priced, reasonably specced car as their first vehicle, they undo all their initial good work by spending thousands on body and engine modifications. Again, this will result in huge increases in already inflated insurance premiums, so should be avoided until they have at least a few years worth of experience under their belts.

For those who aren't concerned with how fashionable or desirable their first car is, there are measures that can be taken to insure you find the cheapest cars insurance for 17 year olds available.

One common way of decreasing the cost is to participate in an advanced driving course, such as the ones offered by The AA. Successful completion of such a course will go a long way to proving that you are not only a more capable driver than many your age, but also to show that you have the maturity to actively seek out ways to decrease your premium and show that you are responsible.

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