Get cash for unwanted gold items

Ever had that one gold earring or that old gold ring you no longer wear? Why not turn it into cash and sell gold jewellery you no longer want. Then, you can use the money to pay bills or buy something else.

Companies like Cash for Your Gold and Post Gold for Cash have all been established to take your unwanted gold. They accept rings, brooches and even dental gold. Even the supermarkets are cashing in on it, with Tesco launching its cash for your gold scheme in November 2010.

All the companies that want your gold for cash operate in the same way. The company’s web site provides you with a calculator where you can work out how much they are going to buy your gold for. Cash for Your Gold offers you around £13.60 per gram for your 9 carat gold, whereas, Tesco Gold Exchange offers you around £11.10 per gram.

When you have chosen who you are selling your gold to, you can request a gold pack to be sent to you. Then, you simply put all your wanted gold in the pre-paid envelope. You will be contacted by the company to offer you a price for buying your gold. Tesco will contact you within three working days after receiving the items and Post Gold for Cash aim to contact you within 24 hours of receiving your package. The amount you are offered will depend on the price of gold on that day. Therefore, it may vary compared to what it is stated on the web site. If you accept the price for your gold, then the company will pay you right away either via your bank account or send you a cheque. Many of these companies will also offer you cash for your silver, in the same way as they do for gold.

Cash for gold is a great way of getting rid of that unwanted gold, but be sure to shop around and get the best rate available.

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