Cash for Gold Options

It seems lately that the newest craze to hit the internet are cash for gold websites. These are simple websites that value your gold and pay you cash directly for it. They are large companies that will melt down your jewellery or any other pieces of gold you may have lying about.

While they do pay you an amount for your gold you do actually lose a large portion of the money. While they are truthful in most cases in being safe and secure they also claim to be fair and you'll find if you do your research they are not. You can actually lose up to two thirds of the actual value of your gold. In some cases you can be in a serious financial tough spot and something like this might be a simple way to makes some fast cash.

While generally there are many websites out there trying to make a little extra, there are actually quite a few that are reasonable. Check out thegoldretriever website for some decent pricing on your gold. This is a simple, user-friendly website that will have you fattening the wallet after just a few easy steps.

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