Check the credentials of your choice of cash for gold website

Cash for gold seems like a good idea if you are looking forward to raising some cash. There are various companies promoting cash for your old gold and other jewellery. However, you need to be aware that not all websites are reputable. Pick the wrong website and you could be ripped off.

When financial markets become unstable, investors purchase gold as a valuable and stable commodity. This has driven up the price of gold as a precious metal. Getting cash for your gold may help you deal with your own financial issues.

Any reputable company should give you sufficient credentials to be able to contact them. You can also check with the local trading standards section of the local authority in which the address is registered to see if there are any issues that you should be aware of. Read all the small print associated with the website and check online for reviews. Finally, ask the company about what rates they will give you for your gold, whether they will offer you a free no obligation quotation, and what guarantee they can offer you if you do not wish to proceed with the transaction. A reputable agent should allow you to withdraw from the transaction at any time.

Make sure you send any gold items in the post with adequate insurance for loss. If the company provides you with a pre-paid envelope, ask them if the package will be insured.

Finally, ask for testimonials from the company from customers who have used their services. Reputable companies should have some customers who are willing to provide you with information about their experience with their transaction.

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