What are cash grants?

Cash grants are designed to make you consider buying something you either couldn't normally afford or would not normally consider. Currently the biggest Government cash grants are being spent on energy, in a desperate attempt to reverse some of the damage we have done to the environment. The Government knows by handing out cash grants to make people's homes more energy efficient they do not have to worry about building new fuel stations, therefore saving money. The Government and utility companies across the UK all offer cash grants to help you install energy efficient things in your home. This includes help with loft insulation to keep the heat from escaping through your home's roof and more energy-efficient heating systems which save the average household nearly £200 per year.

There are also cash grants, provided by three of the top energy providers, to help people clear their energy arrears. British Gas, EDF and NPower all offer varying grants up to £1,000 to pay off energy debt. You will need to provide proof of income and outgoings and the process can take several weeks but will be worth the wait when your energy debt is reduced or paid off. If you are disabled, elderly or on a low income you may qualify for cash grants to help pay towards home improvements. Assistance can cover everything from looking after your garden to the purchase of necessary flat-packed furniture.

Families on a means-tested benefit or who are on a low income may qualify for cash grants known as Community Care Grants. These are designed for families who have been placed under exceptional pressure, say as the result of a house fire, death or unemployment, and pays for the essential every day items. These grants are similar to the Government's crisis loans, except they do not have to be paid back at a later date.


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