All you need to know about cash loans in the Republic of Ireland

Have you ever found yourself in a position where something cropped up unexpectedly just at the worst time possible in terms of finances? It happens to everyone occasionally, and there's not much that can be done about it other than try to find the money from somewhere until you get paid.

Fortunately there's now an even easier way to do this. While it used to be a case of trying to borrow from friends or family, which could be embarrassing even if it was only a small amount, now you'll be able to pop along to your local cash loans office in the Republic of Ireland and take out a no quibble, no nonsense loan in a matter of minutes.

Set up specifically to cover people in these circumstances, cash loans are the ideal solution for anyone who needs a short term loan to tide them over for a week or so. Since it's such a short time frame between taking the loan and paying it back, the amounts on offer are quite small with the maximum usually being around €500, which should be enough to cover most emergencies.

On taking out the loan, you'll be subject to a high interest fee of around 25% when the date to repay it comes around. Once you have paid off the loan that's it, it's all done. It really couldn't be more straight forward.

You'll have no time consuming or invasive credit checks to endure, nor will you have to fill out huge application forms or justify yourself to a stuffy bank manager; it's just a case of straight in, fill out the form, and you'll have your money within a day!

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