Information on Castle insurance for your car

Castle insurance for your car is designed especially for people aged 50 and above. Because the older you get, the more reliable your driving is seen, why should you pay premiums that factor in the accidents caused by younger drivers. Because you are over the age of 50, and viewed as low-risk Castle insurance can usually negotiate a good deal on your car insurance. Castle work with many of the top name insurance companies, including Provident, AXA and Zenith, to ensure you are getting the best possible deal on your car insurance.

Castle insurance for your car is confident that by searching a wide selection of insurance providers they can easily beat the premium you currently pay for your car insurance. Some of their customers have saved more than £400 on their car insurance policy, with the average save being around 10% of the total insurance premium. This is based on people who have fully comprehensive insurance and who have at least nine years no claims bonuses.

Castle car insurance for your car is based in Dorset, UK meaning their telephone helplines are managed by people based in the United Kingdom. Their helpline also includes a helpful 24-hour claims line, which enables you to lodge a claim on your car insurance at whatever time of day or night is most suitable for you. All policies handled by Castle have a low policy excess and windowscreen cover comes as standard. Certain policies will give you the option to protect your no claims bonus, which if you have more than four years is well worth it. This prevents you losing all your no claims in the event you have to make a claim on your insurance, which will automatically put your premiums up to a higher risk level too.

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