Everything you need to know about Cat D car insurance

If you've heard stories about bargains to be found by picking up Cat D car insurance then you're probably well aware that you should tread carefully in this particular sector of the market, as there's more chance of getting ripped off than any other part of the car market. In this blog we'll be presenting a brief guide to buying a Cat D Car.

A Cat D Car, or Category D Car, is a car that's been written off in an accident. This doesn't mean that the car is finished though. It just means the car is considered "Uneconomical" to repair by an insurance company. Often, given enough time in the workshop, these cars can be repaired and returned to the road.

The good news is that a Cat D car will often cost you as much as 50% less than an equivalent car of the same brand and specifications. There is no obligation for the seller of the car to let you know it's Cat D though, so if you find a car that's going for an unbelievable deal, it's worth asking if it's a Cat D car.

If you find that it's a Cat D car, we suggest enlisting the help of your mechanic to thoroughly check out every aspect of the car before purchasing. Insurance for a Cat D car won't cost a penny extra, as insurance companies don't distinguish between different categories of cars for insurance purposes in this way. So if you are looking for Car Insurance, the fact that it's a Cat D car won't even enter the discussion.

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