Cat insurance comparison - top insurers

As a result of rising vet costs cat insurance is becoming increasingly popular. The following is a review of the main pet insurers to use in cat insurance comparison.


Churchill is one of the UK's leading cat insurance providers. They provide cover for up to £3,000 vets fees for each separate injury or illness for 12 months. They also provide up to £1,000 for advertising or reward if your cat is lost or stolen. They offer a 20% discount when you buy online.

Argos Insurance

Argos provides a number of cat insurance policies. They provide three levels of cover - silver, gold and platinum. Silver covers up to £2,500 in vet fees per year, gold covers up to £4,000 and platinum up to £7,000. Silver cover starts from just £3.95 per month. They have a number of discounts available such as a 5% online discount and 10% off when you insure two pets.

Homebase Pet Insurance

Homebase provide cover for life for your cat. They provide two levels of cover from just £3.51 per month. Policies include cover of up to £2,500 vet fees for illness or injury per year. There is a 10% online discount. They offer either a £15 contribution towards micro chipping or an extra 7.5% discount for micro chipped cats.

Petplan Insurance

Petplan is the UK's most trusted pet insurance provider. They have a quick and easy quote process where you simply enter your cat's details. Vet fee cover for injury will start as soon as you complete your application. They have a 10% discount on your first year's premium when you take out a cat insurance policy on their website.

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