Caxton FX: Prepaid Currency Cards

Caxton FX is a company that provides currency solutions to companies and prepaid debit cards to use aboard. They also provide 24/7 online international transfers, extensive currency reports for use by businesses, advisory services for international businesses and claim to provide some of the best exchange rates compared to other currency exchange companies. Although a lot of their products are tailored to international businesses, their pre paid cards are becoming popular among travellers and travelling business people.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Caxton FX provide a range of currency cards that can be used worldwide. They are more secure than traveller's cheques and simply carrying money around, and can offer better rates compared to debit cards.

When purchasing a Caxton FX card, you can either by a prepaid card with a fixed amount already on the card in your chosen currency, or purchase a card and transfer money to the card from your UK account. You can use the card anywhere with the Visa logo.

The card is chip and pin secure, accepted in over 31 million outlets worldwide. You can load money onto the card by phone or SMS, making transfering incredibly easy and essential for any traveller who may require additional funds on their holiday.

Types of Cards

There are three cards available from Caxton FX. The type of card you choose will depend on where you're going in the world and what type of travelling you intend to do.

Euro Traveller: This card is ideal for travelling in the Eurozone. Once your card is topped up, the exchange rate will not influence the amount of money on your card. The card can be loaded using a UK debit card, either online, over the phone or through SMS. You can withdraw and pay for purhcases free of charge (except if a merchant applies their own charges) and the card essentially works the same as a UK debit card.

Dollar Traveller:For countries that accept US dollars, this card should be used. It works in the same way as the Euro traveller and also locks the exchange rate once money is paid onto the card.

Global Traveller: For anyone travelling to the rest of the world, the Global Traveller keeps funds in sterling and only converts them at the point of sale, allowing travellers to flexibly choose where they wish to visit. However, the exchange rate for this card is fixed at 2.75% below the interbank rate, but this can also work out incredibly well for you if during your trip there is a sudden economic downturn or major changes to currency rates.

How to Apply

You can apply for the Caxton FX cards online via their website. Applying is free, and you should receive your card in the mail. To activate it, you must load the minimum about depending on the card you choose (approximately £200 for each card). You can browse the various Caxton Cards and offers available at Caxtonfx.com.

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