Celia Sawyer Net Worth

Celia Sawyerspends her time informing the British public about odd trinkets and bizarre antiques as the star of Channel 4’s Four Rooms but did she really get all of her wealth from the sort of tired old junk and priceless ornaments presented to her and the other dealers on the popular TV show? We’ll tell you exactly what the Celia Sawyer net worth is and how she made her money
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Cool 10 Furniture Collection

Part of Celia Sawyer’s wealth comes from the furniture rental and purchase service known as Cool 10 Furniture Collection. As part of her Knightsbridge based company Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors, Cool 10 offers luxury interior design solutions that are marketed to rich individuals and companies. The star of Four Rooms and BBC’s Your Home in Their Hands, also designs the interiors for commercial properties like hotels. You’ll find out more about their services at cool10.co.uk.

Jewellery range

It seems that dealing with all that antique jewellery on TV has influence Celia Sawyer into launching her own range of high-end jewellery. She has started the business in a small way to begin with so it’s not adding much to her net worth at this time, but it promises to be just as lucrative as her other endeavours when the brand is fully established. You’ll need to check out her personal site celiasawyer.com for a look at the complete range.


Property is another area in which Celia Sawyer increases her wealth. With house prices on the rise in London, Sawyer’s net worth has been heading in the right direction lately.

Other revenue

We’re not sure if her investments in the film industry are making or taking money from her as this is her riskiest venture, but she’ll no doubt land on her feet or move on quickly as she is one smart girl who knows how to make money.

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