Centrica share price history

Over the years UK-based multinational utility company Centrica have offered many excellent initiatives to stakeholders. In 2011 they hired specialists to track down 28,000 'missing' shareholders. With an estimated revenue of £26.6 billion as of 2013, the Centrica share price history makes fascinating reading, especially for anyone looking for positive news stories in these austere times.

How Centrica shares have fared

As the public limited company, Centrica is the main supplier of gas to the UK's domestic customers, as well as being amongst the biggest electricity suppliers. It is the 26th-largest company with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

The Centrica share price history has reflected the continuing ability of the company to ride the ebbs and flows of recent economic uncertainty.

Shareholding history

Back in 2009, the company bought a 20% stake in British Energy from EDF Energy. This gave Centrica a footprint in nuclear power geneartion. As a result of this, it now produces over 14% of its electrical power from nuclear energy driven sources. What this does it ensure Centrica maintains the lowest levels of carbon emissions of any major utility supplier.

Recent share price fluctuations

These investments have proved to be a boost for shareholders. At the end of the last fiscal year, the share price statistics revealed a profit amrgin of 4.36% (and an operating margin of 10.35%). In terms of management effectiveness, this translated to a return on assets of 7.6%, and a return on equity of 18.7%. (All percentages based on trailing twelve months figures).

The share price history showed a -9.4% change over 52 weeks, with a high of 403.31 recorded at 20 September 2013, and a low recorded on 10 February of this year at 302.33.

Other aspects affecting Centrica shares

The Centrica share price history throws up some interesting factors. The recent cold spell that engulfed the UK has led to an increase in commodity prices. In turn, this has benefitted Centrica. The company is now stating they are on target to hit expected earnings of 26.7p for the full year.

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