Chancellor George Osborne named Briton of the year by The Times

Whether you know anything about politics or not, we're all interested in how much money we have in hand so of all the politicians who warm the benches of the House of Commons, the names that we probably all know are those of the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor George Osborne.

Whether knowing a Chancellor's name means that he's had a good year or a bad one we're not sure, but if you're a Times reader you'll probably agree with the verdict of the broadsheet paper that George Osborne is "Briton of the Year". According to the verdict, the award has been given as he's set "the terms of political debate" with his austerity measures and that all his hard work has been "vindicated" at least in part by the emerging economy. Whether that qualifies you for Briton of the year we're not entirely sure, but at least The Times have attempted to justify their decision.

The Times said: "The decisions of the Chancellor have dominated British politics and a return to growth has partly vindicated him." They went onto say: "There is a case that the whole of this parliament, if not just the politics of 2013, has been dominated by a single decision taken by one politician in 2010. That decision was the plan to eliminate Britain’s structural deficit within a single Parliament and that man was George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. For resilience that has set the terms of political debate in Britain in 2013, Mr Osborne is the clear choice as Briton of the Year."

Osborne's recent Autumn Statement set out plans for economic growth and fulfilled a promise he made to the electorate that each family will see a £50 reduction in their energy bills during 2014 thanks to a reduction in government levies. The general response from the statement was a positive one for most of the country.

With Time Magazine picking the Pope as it's Person of the Year and the Guardian honouring NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, it's been an unusual year for award winners.

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