Charges for 0300 numbers explained

Most of us will have called an 03 number by now, whether at work or in our private lives but we’re probably not aware of how much they cost. The charges for 0300 numbers aren’t shrouded in secrecy so we’ll take a look at what they are and how much you can expect to pay for calling them.
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Not so long ago Ofcom introduced 03 numbers as an alternative to chargeable 08 numbers like 0870. These new numbers allow companies to have one national point of contact which charges the same rate no matter where you call from.

National rate

Any calls you make to 03 numbers are charged at national rate so you’ll pay no more to call them than you would when you call a number beginning 01 or 02. Most of these 03 numbers also count towards your inclusive minutes like 01 and 02 numbers do, but of course that depends on your provider and whether you’re making the call from a landline, payphone or mobile.

Typical costs

Of course, costs vary depending on your contract but typical costs for this type of call is 10p-12p per minute from a landline and 35p-45p per minute from a mobile phone. Some providers will include these in your free minutes while others don’t so check with your landline and mobile phone providers if you’re concerned about paying for calling 03 numbers.

Revenue sharing

Revenue sharing, where the firm called get a cut of the money paid by the caller, is not allowed with 03 numbers which is partly why the charges remain at national rate. If you’ve got any questions about 03 phone numbers, you’ll find out more information at consumers.ofcom.org.uk.

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