Get Peace of Mind with Cheap Boiler Cover

The annual cost of taking out an insurance policy on your central heating makes much more sense than waiting for a whopping bill to arrive if your boiler breaks down.

Boiler Cover - Which kind do I need?

First off, there are two types of cover available for your boiler.

  • A service contract - this type of cover includes an annual inspection and service of your boiler (subject to 20% VAT)
  • An insurance product - here you get an annual inspection (service maybe be added via an extra charge) + insurance tax of 5%

Most homeowners should make sure that their boiler covers includes repairs to the boiler, contribution to a full replacement of the boiler, a set amount of claims per year and annual servicing.

The cover you receive will depend on the cost of the contract or product, so be careful to look after all the details before you buy.

Where can I get Boiler Cover from?

It's important to remember you can shop around for your cover, you do not need to stick with your electricity or gas supplier. In fact, more often than not it's cheaper to use a different supplier for your boiler cover.

Uswitch.com is an excellent comparison site when looking for cheap boiler cover. They are impartial and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), so you can be sure you are getting the best deal.

If you prefer to speak to someone at Uswitch.com, they also have a free phone number for you to call a member of their dedicated team.

Alternatively, you can check out boilerchoices.co.uk for a more specific choice on cheap boiler cover. They offer a basic boiler cover from as little as £5.95 per month!

But remember, if your boiler does breakdown - you should never try to repair the boiler yourself, make sure you contact someone who is on the Gas Safety Register.

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