What to look for in cheap boiler insurance

If you've ever had to call out an engineer to fix a problem with your boiler, you'll apppreciate just how important it is to be prepared in advance. Cheap boiler insurance could really help to put your mind at ease and take away the nagging worry that any problems with yours could set you back as much as £70 per hour.

There are many things to look out for when you're buying boiler insurance, and some policies are obviously far better than others, but we've compiled a list of important features that every policy should have to give you the best protection.

Do they have an emergency helpline? This is a huge factor when deciding on who to insure your boiler with. For us it's arguably the most important of all, aside from maybe the price. You never know when a problem is going to strike, and without expert advice at the other end of the phone, sometimes your problem can grow even worse. With a 24 hour help line you'll be able to receive immediate advice on what to do should you have a problem with your boiler.

Is there a no claims period written into the policy? This is often the case with a lot of insurance policies. It is in place to make sure that people don't take out a policy to try to get cheap help for an already broken boiler. Always be sure to find out the length of the no claims policy, if there is any, because you may be really unlucky and fall afoul of it unexpectedly.

Will they cover your boiler? Always find out whether or not your boiler is actually covered by the insurance policy. Many companies won't cover certain types of boiler, if they have been proven to be unreasonably troublesome in the past, are tricky to obtain parts for, or are over a certain age. Before committing, always get it in writing that your make and model of boiler will be covered.

How much should you pay? The price of boiler insurance ranges from around £12 all the way up to £30 per month, so depending on what type of cover you are looking for, these are good ballpark figures to stay within if possible.

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