Companies offering cheap boiler insurance in the UK

When looking at your options for what type of insurance to take out, it is probably fair to say that boiler insurance could be somewhat far down your list of priorities! However, this type of insurance isn't to be underestimated as any problem with your boiler could be exceedingly expensive to fix, leaving you out of pocket.

With this in mind, we decided to take a look at where you can find some reasonably priced cheap boiler insurance in the UK - policies that will keep you covered, while not breaking the bank. Anyone looking for one of these policies should make a trip to U Switch their priority, as they have an extensive Boiler Insurance policy page at uswitch.com/boiler-cover/boiler-insurance.

Obviously, prices will very much depend on what type of boiler and heating system you are using at the time, but if you have a standard gas boiler, they recommend you take out cover that protects you for the following:

  • Repairs to your Boiler, i.e. parts and labour
  • A contribution towards the cost of replacing your system if it is considered beyond help
  • A certain or unlimited number of claims in a set year
  • Annual Servicing

U Switch offer their own direct boiler cover, or else they have a handy Boiler Insurance comparison tool that makes picking the right cover for you easy. You can find their boiler cover comparison tool at uswitch.com/boiler-cover. Once you are happy with the level of cover, you can apply for a quote easily using their website. So check them out today for a brilliant deal on Boiler Cover!


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