The best places to find cheap car insurance

Are you searching hard for a car insurance provider that will offer a decent level of cover for a reasonable price? Though this search can prove a little disheartening at times, it is worth persisting, and we are here to try and take the slog out of it for you as we present a company we feel is offering some fantastic value on cheap car insurance, so lets check them out.

While most of the companies offering great deals on Car Insurance can be found through insurance comparison sites, there are one or two companies who don't allow their quotes to be compared, and one of those companies is Elephant, who you can find at http://www.elephant.co.uk/. Elephant don't allow their quotes to be compared as they would prefer you to visit their site directly, giving you an opportunity to check out their offers directly from their site. It also stops them having to pay a cut to the comparison site!

They offer the full range of insurance options you would expect from a top insurer, and they also offer to get you a quote online within minutes, saving you lots of time and effort. All of their customers enjoy a free courtesy car if your car is being repaired, £100,000 legal protection, Named Driver No Claims Bonus, Sat Nav and Stereo Cover, and free windscreen repair.

Check them out today for a brilliantly low price on your car insurance renewal, you will be glad you did!

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