Cheap car insurance, even with previous claims!

Car insurance for people with accidents they've claimed for during their driving history is usually quoted at higher prices by insurers because these drivers are seen as a bigger risk. Once you lose your no claims bonuses, you're at a disadvantage when you go to buy car insurance, but there are still ways of finding a bargain.

One common sense way of reducing the amount of car insurance you pay is to get insured in a standard car. Vehicles that have powerful engines and modifications done to them are involved in a large percentage of road accidents. This encourages insurers to push up the insurance premium for high-performance cars.

If you're trying to secure a bargain on car insurance, it's a much better idea to get a quote on a standard family car. While you may not be able to hit the top speeds, at least you won't be paying top dollar for insurance to drive it.

Driving as a named driver on somebody else's policy is a great way of avoiding sky high premiums for accidents you've had in the past. If you have a parent or sibling with a clean driving history, putting yourself as a named driver on their policy can considerably help you. Although you won't be working up any no claims bonuses driving this way, you can often get on the road for less than £30.

And even if you've had multiple driving accidents in the past, the basic rules of insurance shopping still apply. Don't be afraid to get quotes from as many car insurance providers as possible and take your time deciding before signing up to any policy.


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