Where to find cheap car insurance for 1 day

Are you finding it a struggle to get yourself a reasonable quote for a twelve month car insurance policy? For whatever reason, be it the fact that you're young, have no no-claims bonus, or even that you drive a modified car, sometimes it can be tough to get a fair deal on your car cover. This is why in this blog, we'll be suggesting you check out some of the shorter term policies available to you.

Short term car insurance is a relatively new phenomenon, with lots of companies now cottoning on to the fact it's a lucrative market. If you're looking for cheap car insurance for 1 day, then we recommend checking out Day Insure, who you can find online at dayinsure.com.

Day Insure specialise in offering short term policies to drivers of any circumstance, so they could be just the answer for you if your search for a policy by conventional means is drawing a blank. So what do they offer?

Well, Day Insure policies are fully comprehensive, and can be taken out for any period between one and 28 days at a time. This is subject to a maximum of 112 days in any rolling twelve month period. You can even take out short term European cover for a small extra cost. All of Day Insure's policies are underwritten by insurance giants like Aviva, so you can be sure you are getting a great deal and level of cover.

Day Insure even cover vans and mini buses on a temporary basis, so check them out for all your short-term insurance needs!

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