It's not impossible to find cheap car insurance for drivers with claims

Although it's not as easy to find cheap car insurance for drivers with claims, it can still be done. The best way of finding cheap insurance for drivers in this category is to shop around.

This has never been easier to do with the help of the internet and a couple of car insurance comparison websites, like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket. And you be amazed at the huge level of savings that can be made between the various car insurance companies.

After shopping around, if you find the lowest quote on the table is still out of reach, you could try adding your name to another driver's policy. If you know someone in your family who is a safe and responsible driver and would be willing to add your name to their policy, it can be a fantastic way of securing cheap car insurance for drivers with claims.

The only downside is you won't be accruing any no claims bonuses while you drive like this, but you will be able to drive cheaply for a couple of years until your previous claims are wiped from your record.

Many car insurance companies offer a fantastic service to their customers where your no claims bonuses are protected in the event of a claim being made. For a small extra fee, you can drive safe in the knowledge that should you need to make a claim, you can still look forward to cheap car insurance thanks to your protected no claims bonus.

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