Cheap car insurance for newly qualified drivers

If you've just passed your driving test then you're probably tearing your hair out trying to get cheap car insurance just passed. Most companies won't even entertain the idea of quoting you, but there is hope.

There are certain insurers who specialise in insuring young drivers, and in this blog we'll be suggesting one that can offer a lower premium to just about any young driver. Lets check them out!

Cover Box, who you can find online at http://www.coverbox.co.uk/young_drivers.php, are the UK's premier supplier of Car Insurance to young drivers. So what's their secret? Well, Cover Box provide "Pay as you drive" cover, which means comprehensive cover for you, limited to a certain pre-determined amount of miles.

Their policies also have the option of introducing a curfew, as in leaving your insurance cover to only protect you during the day, which will save you a bundle, as most accidents statistically happen at night, after 11pm to young drivers.

Cover Box also bring your premium down by installing a free Tracker with every single Car Insurance policy they dish out, meaning you'll be even safer, and if your car were to go missing, you'd be able to locate it within minutes with the help of the police!

Despite their cheap prices, ALL of Cover Box's policies are fully comprehensive, so if you're looking for cheaper cover, visit their website today and get a quote within minutes online from their team of insurance experts, you won't be disappointed!

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