Tips to get cheap car insurance for newly qualified drivers

The search for cheap car insurance for newly qualified drivers can be particularly difficult especially due to the fact that new drivers are considered higher road risks. Thus, most of these drivers may find themselves paying very high premiums for basic insurance cover. However, this need not be the case. There are a number of options available for both male and female drivers in terms of cheap car insurance.

Young Male Drivers

Young male drivers often get charged unusually high premiums, both in quotations and real insurance cover. This may make the overall search for adequate, cheap car insurance difficult to find. However, a new cost-effective method has been adopted by a number of insurance companies that bases monthly premiums on the mileage driven by the driver.

How It Works

The insurance company installs a tracking device onto your vehicle which is designed to record the number of miles that your car covers within each month. Therefore, at the end of the month, one gets billed according to the mileage and the billing method as specified in the insurance company’s policies. This method has quickly become the most popular form of car insurance for young male drivers.

A More Female-Driven Insurance Initiative

Notably, there has been a lag in the number of insurance companies that offer competitive insurance premiums for young female drivers. A number of companies have risen to meet this demand offering specific cover on female belongings including handbags and other personal belongings. Moreover, these insurance companies also offer free counselling services in case accidents ever happen. Thus, whether male or female, the search for cheap car insurance for newly qualified drivers has been made considerably easier.

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