Find cheap car insurance for provisional licence holders with Quinn Direct

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We all know how expensive it can be for car insurance, especially in your first year. Insurance companies see you as a higher risk as you have no previous experience of driving. Quinn Direct is a company that has always provided cheap car insurance for provisional licence holders. They pride themselves on their cheap rates, especially for the younger generation.

Being a provisional licence holder doesn't usually entitle you to too many discounts. This isn't the case with Quinn Direct; they have a range of different ways for young drivers to save money with them in both Ireland and the UK.

  1. Buy your policy online and you will save 5% on your premium in Ireland
  2. Students will automatically receive a 15% reduction in both Ireland and the UK.
  3. UK drivers can do a Pass Plus course and get a discount of up to 30%. Check out direct.gov.uk for information about a Pass Plus course in your area.

Quinn Direct policies are excellent value for money. Just some of the extra benefits that you receive with all of their policies include:

  • Free breakdown assistance including home assistance
  • Up to 93 days European cover
  • Step back no claims protection
  • Personal accident cover
  • Medical expenses
  • Hotel expenses
  • New car replacement

So we have established that Quinn Direct are the market leaders in providing cheap car insurance for provisional licence holders but how do you contact them? You can call them on 1890 89 1890 in Ireland or 0845 850 0845 in the UK. Alternatively, visit their website at quinn-direct.com.

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