Cheap car insurance for women in Ireland

Drivers in Ireland are suffering rising costs for almost facet of driving. Fuel costs for the average Irish driver has risen by over €600 in the past 12 months.

Road tax is on the rise and worst of all insurance premiums are on the rise for everyone, even for those who have not made a claim against their policy.

Female drivers have perhaps been the worse hit this year with rising premiums because of the European Court of Justice ruling that gender based differences to premiums were discriminatory and illegal.

Previous to this car insurance for women in Ireland was lower but now instead of the cost for males dropping the cost for woman has risen.

What can female drivers do then? The same thing as all good bargain hunters. Shop around!

While insurance provides can no longer asses premiums based on gender they can provide discounts based on driving history and experience.

No claims bonus can substantially reduce your costs. Zurich Car insurance, ZurichInsurance.ie, offers large discounts for careful drivers. Their website boasts an online offer of 12 months coverage for the price of 11.

BestQuote.ie is another one of our recommended sites. They offer massively competitive prices, for example full comprehensive insurance from as little as €240.

Finally NoNonsense.ie is a relative newcomer to the market that is making massive gains in the market.

Across a cross sample of four drivers of various ages they proved to be the cheapest insurer. You can find this price comparison chart on their own site and we feel that No Nonsense should be one of the first places female drivers seek quotations from.

Remember to shop around and don't be afraid to ask insurance companies to match other providers rates.

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