Looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers in Northern Ireland?

Looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers in Northern Ireland? Unfortunately, "cheap car insurance" and "young drivers" is something of an oxymoron. But we've trawled dozens of websites and phoned lots of insurers to round up the best deals. Here are the results...

Coverbox is a refreshing new car insurance policy type that offers you cover on a pay as you drive basis. They understand how difficult it can be for young drivers to get insurance, and believe that every applicant should be treated as an individual. They will supply you with a free tracking device and base your policy on how much you drive (the less you drive, the cheaper it will be) and when you do it (day time insurance will cost less than night time insurance). Their comprehensive cover includes personal accident, windscreen insurance and a courtesy car in the event of a claim.

Hoot Car Insurance also fit a telematics device to your car, and offer competitive rates for young drivers in Northern Ireland, based on what you actually drive. As they are entirely internet based they don't spend money on TV advertising or large call centres (although feel free to phone them at any time) - and pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Quinn Direct are a specialist provider of car insurance for young drivers. Students can enjoy a 10% discount on their policies. They will also give you named driver discounts and Pass Plus scheme discounts. Their monthly payment plan aims to make insurance as affordable as possible.

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